Kin+Kind Christmas Bundle Nourishing Kit for Dogs

Kin+Kind Christmas Bundle Nourishing Kit for Dogs


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Nourishing Kit includes:

1x Kin+Kind Oatmeal (Unscented) Dog Shampoo - 12oz (354ml)
1x Kin+Kind Raw VitaBoost Supplement For Dogs & Cats 4oz

Feeling frizzy? Argan oil repairs dry and damaged coats naturally with organic and essential oils. So go play, pup! We'll keep you beautiful.

  • ITCH RELIEF: remove allergens with natural oils. Coconut oil, olive oil, and glycerin attract and lock in moisture to the skin and coat.
  • ARGAN OIL: forms a protective layer to repair dried skin and coat
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: scented naturally with essential oils for a warm woodsy fragrance
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: Natural soap free of sulfates and parabens. Made with certified USDA organic ingredients that keep GMOs away from your pets and harmful farming practices out of the Earth.
  • USA: Safe and ethical production starts at home. We proudly mix our products in our own US facility with employees paid a living wage.


  • Natural and organic dog shampoo suitable for use with dogs of all fur coat types.
  • Enriched with Argan oil that helps to restore & repair damaged, dry & frizzy coat.
  • Contains natural glycerin that helps to moisturize for skin & coat.
  • Sulfates & Parabens free.
  • USDA certified dog product.
  • Mixed by hand in the US facility.


Argan Shampoo: Water, saponified organic olive oil, saponified organic coconut oil, glycerin, potassium citrate, essential oils (argan, vetiver, cedar, camphor), phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol

Vitaboost: Organic Coconut, Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Seaweed


Argan Shampoo: Apply to a wet fur. Rub gently. Rinse properly.

Vitaboost: Feed according to instructions on packaging based on your dog’s weight.

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