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Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal Fragrance Free 4kg

Kit Cat

Zeolite Charcoal is one of Kit Cat's newest products, utilizing 100% Super Premium Natural Clumping Cat Litter which contains a Mixture of Charcoal Fine sand and Zeolite Irregular sand.

Zeolite Charcoal has 5 Major Advantages:

3 Seconds Quick Clump
Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal Cat Litter clumps in only 3 seconds and absorbs moisture instantly leaving
the rest of the litter clean and perfectly dry.

Non Toxic & 100% Safe
Using 100% natural sodium bentonite, Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal Cat Litter contains no chemical additive and is non toxic for kittens, cats or humans.

Low Tracking & Virtually 99.9% Dust Free
Unlike other cat litters which create a cloud each time you open the bag or pour it in the litter pan, Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal Cat Litter is virtually dust-free so you will avoid breathing or cleaning up dust.

Dual Action Odor Control
Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal Cat Litter controls odor with 2 powerful ingredients – Zeolite & Activated Charcoal,which are all natural and eliminate odors rather than masking it.

Effective in Attracting Cats Back To Their Litter Pan
Kit Cat Zeolite Charcoal Cat Litter is formulated with a specialized blend of 3 natural scents that have been shown to be extremely effective in attracting cats back to their litter pan.


  • Comes in 4kg size only
  • 4x longer lasting odor control
  • 3 seconds quick clump and excellent absorption rate
  • Non toxic & 100% safe
  • Low tracking & virtually 99.9% dust free
  • Dual action odor control
  • Effective in attracting cats back to their litter pan
  • For all cats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great & decent priced!

Clumps very well, doesn’t fall apart or turn to “paste” like some cheaper clay litter brands. Odor control is decent. Best thing is super low dust! Zeolite is heavier than bentonite which reduce tracking problem:)

Compatible with automated litter robots

My kitten had been using Kit Cat Soya Clump Litter since Day 1. Was worried about transitioning from his familiar litter boxes to automated litter robot PLUS changing from soya litter to sodium bentonite litter concurrently. Decided to stick with Kit Cat as their litter are NON TOXIC. This clumps fast enough for litter robot to do its job, has zero smell and minimal dust. Of course there’ll always be some tracking (even with soya litter, tracking goes all the way from kitchen into living room =.=“). Happy with it.


Very little dust for a sand type litter. Clumps really well too.

Very Good

The sand clumps well.

Kit kat Zeolite clumping litter

I used this type of litter for more than a year. I'm satisfied with its quality and performance. There is very little dust, very quick clumping, minimum tracking & odour free