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Kit Cat Crystal Cat Litter 5L (Charcoal)

Kit Cat



Kit Cat Crystal Cat Litters have all the benefits of a Silica-based litter with added Indicator Crystals that tell you when the product needs changing. Its unique shape prevents tracking too! As with all silica-based products, Kit Cat Crystal Cat Litter features extraordinary odour control and ease of use.


  • Available in a 5L size
  • Contains indicator crystals that tell you when its time for a litter change
  • Highly absorbent with superior odour control
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly

Nutritional Info


  • Step 1. Fill litter box with approximately 2-3 inches of Kit Cat Cat litter
  • Step 2. Kit cat cat litter is designed to form a clump around liquid water instantly. Scoop up and dispose of clumps and solids daily.
  • Step 3. It is advisable to empty and clean entire litter box every month and dispose of contents in the bin.


Kit Cat Crystal Cat Litter 5L (Charcoal)
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