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KONG Tug Dog Toy


To make the ideal tug toy, the KONG Tug blends two strong materials. Power and versatility are offered by the iconic KONG rubber grips and Control-Flex base. The KONG-shaped nylon rings are durable and intended to endure the most vigorous tug sessions.


  • Two strong materials to create the perfect tug toy
  • Legendary KONG rubber grips and Control-Flex center provide strength and flexibility
  • Rings are sturdy and designed to withstand the most vigorous tug sessions
  • Control-Flex technology prevents the toy from snapping back into one of the players' faces, promoting a safe, controlled version of a game that can sometimes get out of hand
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds

Size Guide

  • Dimensions: 16.25L x 5.5W x 0.75H inches


KONG Tug is an interactive toy, not a chew toy. Never leave KONG Tug Toy alone with dog. Store KONG Tug Toy out of reach of dog. Bring out only when you want to play tug.