NAMA Bentonite Baby Powder Ultra Fast Clumping Cat Litter 10L
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NAMA Bentonite Baby Powder Ultra Fast Clumping Cat Litter 10L


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At NAMA, we aim to provide the best essentials for your feline companions. From all-natural bentonite clay to recycled soybeans, we only use the purest materials for the best cat litter solutions. Our innovative cat litter lines are eco-friendly, super absorbent, tracking-free and clump instantly. 99.9% dust-free and odour-neutralizing, NAMA litter is the guarantee to a premium hygienic experience.

私たちはあなたの愛猫にとっ て最高品質の商品を提供します。 私たちはベント ナイトク レイや大豆といっ た天然素材のみを使用して最高の猫砂を作り 出しま した。 当社の革新的な猫砂は、 環境にやさしく 、 吸収性が高く 、 足裏に付 きにく く 、 瞬時に塊になり 、 お手入れが簡単。 ちり や臭いを99.9% 中和するNAMA LITTER は、 プレミ アムな清潔環境を保証します。

Key Features

Ultra Fast Hard Clumping しっ かり 固まる
Deodorizing Beads Included 脱臭ビーズで消臭
Suitable for All Life Stages すべての猫へ
Superior Odor Control 徹底消臭効果
Traps odor within minutes オシッコした瞬間から臭いを吸着します
No Tracking 猫の足に粘着しにくい
Safe on paws, mess free 肉球にも安全で、散らかりません
1 bag ≈ 30 Days 1袋 ≈ 30日

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay ベントナイト粘土


  • Fill litter box with approximately 5-6 cm of Nama Bentonite Clumping Cat Litter.
  • Nama Bentonite Clumping Cat Litter forms a hard clump instantly when in contact with liquid.
  • Scoop up and dispose the clumps and solids daily,
  • Empty and wash the entire litter box, dispose litter content into the bin (recommended to do this once every month).
  • Fill in with new Nama Bentonite Clumping Cat Litter after drying the litter box

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Feirz (Simei New Town, SG)
Awesome purchase

Helps with odor control and clumps well. My go to choice for litter

livia (Singapore, SG)

it's alright but becomes a fine powder when crushed. I personally find the scent overwhelming

Affiey (Singapore, SG)

Not a huge fan of bentonite, one large pack can be used up quite quickly

Noor Aisha Ismail-Hezami (Marsiling, SG)
Well priced litter

Good quality litter. Keeps bad smells away.

FC (Singapore, SG)

Does the job