P.L.A.Y Back to School Dog Toy Bundle


A brand new semester!

But this time, school will be fun! With the Back to School plushies!, no matter which discipline your pup is in.

Math whiz kid? Or an aspiring meticulous accountant.

The Doggie Digits Calculator will be your brainy pup's best companion all day and night, thanks to the glow-in-the-dark display, a custom oversized squeaker and crinkler!

The pair of Barking Beakers feature rope and double squeaker is sure to create a wonderful chemical reaction, and have your mad scientist pup bark with glee.

For the athletic doggo and potential football MVP, Fido's Football is ready for a touch down with a supersized squeaker!

Perhaps your pup has a more developed left brain. Creative, expressive and imaginative. Unleash your pup's inner Picasso with the Puppy Palette! Create artilicious work with the double squeaker and crinkly palette, and the detachable crinkly paint brush.

Be proud of the accomplishment of your pup during the final school term and take the unforgettable graduation photo as he/she gets the scroll and puts on the graduation hat. Show off the Graduation Hat with a big disc squeaker, crinkle & t-shirt rope for the best tugging experience. And the scroll, acknowledgment of the talent of your pup, features a tube squeaker rolls opening up to a crinkly script. And the scroll, the acknowledgement of your pup's talent, features a tube squeaker rolls opens up to a crinkly script. It hails your pup's talent for the Best Wet Kisses by the P.L.A.Y.ful Pup Academy.

With the Back To School Plush Toy collection, every pup will want to be the teacher's pet! Excel in every aspect of school, your pup will be the head of class in no time!

P.L.A.Y was born out of desperation, to find the right bed, Momo the Pug, for the fuzzy bundle of joy of its makers. From beds to toys, with our furry family in mind, their goods are made. They are built in our living room or bedroom with a little twist, a little quirkiness and into something that we might like. The team is adamant about looking after the atmosphere. Beds and toys are filled with Planet Fill (R) poly fibre that come from post consumer recycled plastic bottles. In 2015, P.L.A.Y. was upgraded from Silver to Gold by Green America's Green Business Certification Programme. The team believes in giving back by partnering International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and fronts the Warm Bellies Initiative by contributing mats to shelter animals.


  • Hand-crafted, double layer and double-stitched edges for extra durability
  • Eco-friendly Plant Fill (R) filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles
  • Contains AZO-free dye
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly

Size Guide

Back to School, approx size (cm) Length Breadth
Calculator 15 17 5
Football 12 8 8
Beakers 19 9 25
Hat and Scroll 15 15 11
Art Palette 13 19 7


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