PETKIT Eversweet Blue Solo Drinking Pet Fountain 1.8L


PETKIT Eversweet Solo Drinking Fountain is an ideal choice if you are looking for stylish water dispensers with multiple features for your cat or dog!
Effective Design: Despite its high volume capacity of 1.8L, the PETKIT Eversweet Solo Drinking Fountain is still relatively light & easy to refill due to an efficient single water tank.
Multiple Filtrations: PETKIT Eversweet Solo Drinking Fountains ensure that the water supplied to your pet passes through four filtration systems, removing unclean particles & excess oxygen.
Instantaneous Alerts: Whenever your pet’s water supply is close to depletion, the PETKIT Eversweet Solo Drinking Fountain system will notify you immediately.
Soothing lighting: PETKIT Eversweet Solo Drinking Fountains are installed with an internal light diffuser to emit subtle, mellow light that is gentle to your pet’s eyes in the dark.
Noise Reduction: The soundless water movement that improves your pet’s sleep quality is made possible by the 5V brushless water pump in PETKIT Eversweet Solo Drinking Fountains.


  • Light despite its high volume capacity.
  • Four filtration systems to clear impurities.
  • Instantaneous alerts during water shortage.
  • Built-in light diffuser for comfortable lighting.
  • 5V brushless water pump for no

Size Guide

160mm x 160mm x 158mm.

Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)


Customer Reviews

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Mel (Singapore, SG)
Not bad

First pet drinking fountain so no benchmark to compare to. We think it is okay and has been doing its job thus far. Filter yellows quickly so will be nice if this comes with a filter replacement.