Petkit Fresh BioCleanAct Smart Bowl For Pets (3 Colours)


PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl is a smart antibacterial bowl that has a built-in weighing scale which accurately weighs the daily feeding amount required by your pets.

The PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl’s features include:

Antibacterial technology (BioCleanActTM material) - Prevents diarrhea-causing bacteria such as E. Coli, PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl provides pet owners with a safer option.

Water Resistant - PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl’s battery box is sealed and its bottom has holes for drainage. Wash it simply by rinsing under running water. Just be sure to not soak the bowl!

Built-in weighing function - PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl has a built-in weighing scale (with unit conversion) & a LCD screen to indicate the weight of your pet’s food.

Low energy consumption - PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl uses two AAA alkaline batteries and can last for up to 2 years!

Safety certification - PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl has been certified by international standards such as RoHS, CE, FCC and USA and Korea FDA.

Ergonomic design - The front rim of the PETKIT FRESH Pet Smart Bowl is slightly slanted down by 5 degrees and has non-slip buttons, making it easier for your pet to eat from it.

Using the PETKIT app, you can input your pet’s basic profile (weight, food brand and breed) to calculate the feeding amount required according to your pets’ age and activity level.


  • Red Dot Design Award Winner 2016 & iF Design Award 2018
  • Has a built-in weighing scale & LCD screen
  • Made with antibacterial BioCleanAct material
  • Contains up to 450g of pet food
  • Safety certified up to international standards
  • Available in three designs

Suitable For

Cats and small/medium dogs.

Product Material

BioCleanActTM and ABS Plastic


  • PETKIT Fresh Pet Smart Bowl can contain up to 450g of food.
  • Inner Diameter: 15.5 x 12.7 x 5 (cm).


Rinse under running water and wipe dry before and after every use. Please do NOT soak the bowl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Petkit Fresh Bioclean

Is such a nice bowl to use, measure the amount of food accurately and easy to clean off.

Great purchase

Bought this (very first expensive food bowl) as i'm drawn to the description of how it's antibacterial and how it acts as a weighing scale at the same time. Sleek and nice design!


Knowing that this have Antibacterial technology makes me feel safe to let my furkid consume his food in this bowl. So far, so good. The weighing scale was good too!

Great bowl for meals

Great 2 in 1 measuring & eating bowl for furry pal makes it convenient to weigh amount of food given to him. The material as mentioned gives ease of mind when feeding furry pal.

Awesome smart bowl

Smart bowl with weighing scale.
Able to measure daily intake accurately.
Battery compartment seal seem safe so far.