Petstages Dog Orka Tennis Ball - Perromart

Petstages Dog Orka Tennis Ball

  • $1000
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  •     Tough chew toys for tiny mouths
  •     Durable material for dogs that love to chew
  •     Multiple textures massage gums
  •     Canvas streamers for added fun and interest
To Satisfy:
  •     For small power chewers and dogs with a strong desire to chew
  •     For puppies that are teething and chewing inappropriate items
  •     To help minimize destructive behavior
To Occupy:
  •     To help reduce boredoom that can lead to destructive behavior
  •     To distract and keep dog engaged in appropriate activity
  •     To clam through focused behavior
For Dental Health:
  •     To help remove soft tartar as dog chews
  •     To help clean teeth, soothe tender gums and freshen breath
  •     To exercise jaw muscles and maintain strength

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