Petstages Mini Orka Chew

Petstages Mini Orka Chew




Petstages ORKA chew toys are made for power chewers, providing your pup with an appropriate chew while helping to reduce boredom and destructive behavior. Reinforced with inner ribs and raised diamond textures, these toys stand up to tough chewing while keeping dogs interested and satisfied. Orka Stick by Petstages is made of durable Orka material, specially designed to stand up to tough chewing. Textured surface massages gums while ropes remove plaque and tartar. Perfect for a game of fetch, toss, or just for your pup to carry around the house!



  • ORKA material stands up to tough chewing
  • Textured surface massages gums
  • Ropes help remove soft tartar
  • Fun, chewy feel


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