Pinnacle Pine 100% Natural Pine Litter 20kg
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Pinnacle Pine 100% Natural Pine Litter 20kg

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Pinnacle Pine Cat Litter is an all-natural pine wood pellet litter that has three times
better absorption and offers superior odor control. It neutralizes strong odors on
contact without any chemicals or messy cloud of dust, keeping the room smelling
fresh at all times. Easy to handle, sift, and dispose. Enjoy the natural scent of fresh
pine with no mess and no tracking!


  • Excellent Absorbency
  • Superior Odor Control
  • No Dust and No Tracking
  • No Chemicals or Dyes
  • Made from Biodegradable Natural Pine Wood

Pine Pellet size: 8mm


100% Pine 


Directions for Use:
1. Fill one inch of Pinnacle Pine pellets into the upper tray.
2. Scoop solid waste and dispose daily.
3. Urine absorbed by pine pellets will turn into sawdust and fall through the
sifting holes into the bottom tray.
4. Dispose the sawdust in the bottom tray and clean it regularly.
5. Top up and maintain the pine pellets at the recommended depth.

Gentle Reminder:
Recommended to use with double-layered sifting litter tray. Remove solids daily to
keep litter tray fresh and clean for your feline. Always wash hands thoroughly after
handling used litter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Sufen (Singapore, SG)
Value for money

I was previously using another brand of pine litter and was a bit shocked to see that this brand's pine litter pieces are 40-50% bigger than others. Good odour control and value for money but I'm not sure if my cats will be bothered by the giant litter size or not -- will have to monitor!

JK (Singapore, SG)
So clean

Ideal litter compared to the smaller wood bits, easy to clean and less waste

Mei Xi (Singapore, SG)
Great, but Cat need time to Adapt

Switched to the sifting litter box and now I’m totally sold. Pine litter is huge and heavy, not easy to be kicked out of the box, so tracking is close to none!!

But introduction to the cat was tricky. Took him 2 weeks to start using the huge and maybe prickly? pine litter. Was using the much softer pea litter before this.

Vince (Singapore, SG)
Good pine litter

Remove odour and easy to dispose. Least tracking

Jade Famero (Singapore, SG)
Best litter so far.

Should've switch to this litter sooner. Im here to do my 2nd purchase.