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Puppia Indian Pink Ida Harness for Dogs (3 Sizes)


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The Ida Harness is an stylish summer harness featuring an adjustable chest belt and Puppia rubber label on the chest. Please note that because these products were created with small breeds in mind, larger sizes (i.e. Large, Extra-Large, etc.) do not necessarily mean larger breeds. Please refer to image of the size chart. It is very important to measure your dog with a tape measure according to the size chart. As a general rule of thumb, if your dog falls in between sizes, it is usually better to go up a size. Weight figures are for estimates only. Always use actual measurements. Please note that when measuring your dog for clothing, it's very important to have an accurate measurement of your dog's neck and chest girth.


  • Basic harness style as “Harness A"
  • Polka dot pattern and solid schemed
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • Decorated with Pinkaholic rubber label

Size Guide

The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product.
Make sure all measurements fit within the dimensions with a room to spare in the chest and neck.
Size Neck Girth Breast Girth
S 10.2" 12.5"-17.3"
M 12.6" 15.7"-22.0"
L 15.8" 19.6"-27.5"





IMPORTANT: Please note that when measuring your dog, the measurement for the neck must be taken at the BASE OF THE NECK and chest girth must be taken behind the front legs. Also it is important to take into account the size of the dog's head as well as neck girth and chest girth. Since some dogs have a much larger head than their neck, please be sure that the neck opening is large enough to slide over your dog's head.


Finding the right size for your pet can be difficult and confusing. Please do not rely on the pets weight. Many other brand manufacturers will recommend that you choose a size based on weight. However, a 20lb Corgi will wear a different size than a 20lb terrier because of their different body shapes.


All you need is a flexible tape measure or a piece of string (or any material that will wrap around your pet) and a ruler. Just be sure to adjust the tape measure’s placement based on your dog’s specific dimensions.

To find your pets size, you need two measurements: the neck and the chest.


Wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your pets neck. If you’re having trouble deciding where to measure, measure the area where your pet would usually wear their collar.


Wrap the tape measure around the lowest part of your pets chest. Start measuring from the bottom of your pets rib cage to ensure that the harness will fit comfortably all around the chest.

To find the size for apparel / clothes such as t-shirts, dresses, and coats, you will need to measure the neck, chest and body length.


Measure from the base of the collar to the start of the tail.



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