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Puppia Pink Soft Harness for Dogs (4 Sizes)


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Designed with comfortable neck and chest padding, the Soft Harness is the most comfortable solution for dogs. The harness gives the walker extra control and ensures that the dog is comfortable by removing pressure from the trachea. Unlike when using a collar or strap harness there is no strain on the neck. The harness sits slightly lower on the dog than a collar so that it iis more around the shoulders. Many owners are familiar with the choking sound their dog makes when excitedly pulling on their collar and this causes irreversible damage over the long term. Any pressure exerted by the dog or owner is spread out across the whole body and chest area rather than at one point on the neck.The unique design also helps to prevent pulling.


  • Polyester air-mesh
  • Comfortable around neck
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • Rubber Puppia label
  • Coordinated with PDCF-AL30

Size Guide

The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product.

Make sure all measurements fit within the dimensions with a room to spare in the chest and neck.

Material: POLYESTER 100%



Finding the right size for your pet can be difficult and confusing. Please do not rely on the pets weight. Many other brand manufacturers will recommend that you choose a size based on weight. However, a 20lb Corgi will wear a different size than a 20lb terrier because of their different body shapes.


All you need is a flexible tape measure or a piece of string (or any material that will wrap around your pet) and a ruler. Just be sure to adjust the tape measure’s placement based on your dog’s specific dimensions.

To find your pets size, you need two measurements: the neck and the chest.


Wrap the tape measure around the thickest part of your pets neck. If you’re having trouble deciding where to measure, measure the area where your pet would usually wear their collar.


Wrap the tape measure around the lowest part of your pets chest. Start measuring from the bottom of your pets rib cage to ensure that the harness will fit comfortably all around the chest.

To find the size for apparel / clothes such as t-shirts, dresses, and coats, you will need to measure the neck, chest and body length.


Measure from the base of the collar to the start of the tail.



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