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Good product

Jul 10, 2020, Leo Irene

Trying Out all the different flavour. Red meat tends harder to mash up. My cat loves it.



Apr 30, 2020, val

Great quality food for cats


Best diet for your beloved pet(s)!

Jun 06, 2019, Jes

BARF is known to be the best diet for our beloved pets but not everyone (certainly not me!) knows how or have the time to conjure home-cooked meals for our pets daily/consistently. Plus, you'll have to factor in freezer & fridge space for all those raw ingredients, processors (powerful blenders for e.g.) and perhaps most importantly, how are you going to add essential minerals and stuff like taurine for cats into DIY diets? So as far as I know, rehydrated freeze dried diets are THE best diets for our dogs and cats and Primal makes theirs shelf-stable! No need for defrosting or reheating even! Can't get more convenient than that! Plus, you'll know exactly how much minimal water intake your pet is taking in with the rehydration - super impt especially for cat owners. I guess the most, most, most impt thing is - my kitten, world's fussiest eater, endorses it by licking the entire bowl clean even when placed beside other options that he loves.



Nov 09, 2018, dustypurrs

Good quality. My cats love this. A little troublesome to break up the nuggets but it's very dense so it feels more value for money.


Will repurchase

Aug 18, 2020, Panbin

Tried the smaller bag (about 26-28 nuggets) and my fussiest cat love it. Directions said to add water but she seems to prefer it dried so usually I’ll just half half it. Smells like chicken floss.. My cats’ poop do not really have an odour in the first place so no noticeable change to that and their breathe. I think it does help my cat’s fur to grow faster on some minor balding area though. Not sure if it’s placebo effect so will monitor.


My cats love it!

Aug 03, 2020, Kat Yeo

Easily accepted by my cats. Easy to prepare. Can rotate on the different proteins.


My cat loves it!

Feb 14, 2020, Yarns

Found this to be a great commercial raw food - best balance of quality and value for money. My cat took a few days to warm up to the new food (typical), but he loves this flavor now. I've found he's much more energetic on this food, but I mix it with canned as the bone content (10%) is slightly higher than the recommended 7%. Also helps to lower the feeding cost slightly!


my cats love this

Mar 15, 2020, Erica

fed the same brand to my dog and my cats always want to snatch some from her, so i got them the cat version. they love it


Finally restocked

Dec 24, 2021, Panbin

My cats love this. Used to be their main food and switched to Feline natural when it was oos but they prefer this.


Good and nutritious food

May 29, 2020, Huiying Seet

My cats love it

Primal Freeze-dried Nuggets Feline Turkey Formula 397g

Primal Freeze-dried Nuggets Feline Turkey Formula 397g

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