Small Batch Freeze Dried Chicken Hearts Dog & Cat Treat (3.5oz)


We tend to use only free-range, pasture-raised meats that are still free of hormones and antibiotics. Our products are 100% certified organic and our supplements are clean, organic and unrefined at all times. No HPP (high pressure pasteurization), always 100% raw, as planned by default.

Small Batch is a small raw pet food company run by a family. Small Batch foods are locally sourced and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest states of the United States using humanely sourced, organic, free-range, pasture-raised, whole food products and just pure supplements. Pet foods that are freeze-dried are 100 percent organic and free of artificial hormones and antibiotics. We never use pasteurization at high pressure. The single-ingredient dog treats from Small Batch are made with just one ingredient: meat. This gives your dog essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that are present only in raw food.

We are 100 percent raw as well! We do not sterilise, pasteurize, or irradiate any of our formulations for this purpose. Also, a synthetic vitamin pack we never add. The way nature intended, we offer raw nutrition.


  • Single Ingredient Raw Treats For Cats & Dogs
  • Excellent Source Of Protein, Animal Based EFAs, B-Vitamins & Minerals
  • 100% Raw, Certified Organic & Pure
  • Corn-Free, Gluten-Free & No GMO
  • Made Fresh In Small Batches

Nutritional Info


Chicken Hearts

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein – 74.0%
  • Fat Content – 7.0%
  • Crude Fiber – 1.0%
  • Moisture – 7.0%

Caloric Content: ME = 4300 kcal/kg = 430 kcal/100g = 122kcal/oz

Feeding Instructions

Instructions to Use:
Product Feeding Instructions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ade (Jurong West, SG)
My cat loves it!

He loves this and I really like how it's healthier - single ingredient freeze dried :)

Nana (Singapore, SG)

My cat refused raw food and rejected instincts & stella chewy's freeze dried raw as well.. but he is happy to eat this one! Happy buy.. healthy treats and 1 step closer to converting into raw diet..

Iwan (Singapore, SG)
Loving It

The cats love the chicken hearts treat :)

N (Singapore, SG)
Fussy cat approves!

My cat dislikes anything chicken, be it wet food or treats. But when given a chunk of this treat, he seems to like it a lot! Ahhh, fussy cat approves this!

VJ (Singapore, SG)

My dog ears perk up the moment he hears me open the packaging!