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Smokehouse Porky Bone Dog Treats




Smokehouse Porky Bones are 100% natural and made in the USA. We slow-roast high quality pork bones to lock in their flavor. This is sure to become your pet's favorite bone.

Smokehouse Porky Bones are high-quality pork femur bones slow-roasted to lock in their flavor. They are great for small to medium sized dogs and are sure to become your pet's new favorite! They come with lots of meat left on the bone and are definitely tons of fun to chew.


  • Natural bones are completely digestible and perfectly natural part of a dog's daily diet.
  • If you don't brush your dog's teeth with a toothbrush, feeding a natural bone is a great alternative. Chewing bones helps scrape away plaque, which can cause bad breath and a number of potentially serious dental problems.
  • Dog's naturally have the urge to chew. Which is why they'll chew your shoes, the furniture or anything else in their way. Redirect this behavior by treating them with a bone.
  • Just like humans dog's get bored. Especially when you're not home or too busy for belly rubs. Feeding a natural bone can stimulated your pup's mind and relieve them of boredom.
  • These bones are slow roasted in their own juices to bring out the delicious, natural flavor.

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Pork Femur Bone.

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Smokehouse Porky Bone Dog Treats
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