Stefanplast Gulliver 3 IATA with Plastic Door Pet Carrier (3 Colors)
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Stefanplast Gulliver 3 IATA with Plastic Door Pet Carrier (3 Colors)


Going outdoors? On a camping trip? Place your pet in the Stefanplast Gulliver 3 with Plastic Door Pet Carrier and take him/her outdoors too! 

Stefanplast Gulliver is a range of pet carriers which allows animals to travel in comfort and safety. The Setfanplast Gulliver 3 with Plastic Door is a pet carrier suitable for small dogs and larger cats between 10 to 12kg.

It has a top carrying handle and carry strap fitments (carry strap not included) for easy transportation. On the sides of the pet carrier, there are sturdy latches, and small openings to provide air circulation and access to light for your pet inside.

The Gulliver 3 is equipped with special side openings for car safety belts, so you can safely put the carrier into your car without it shaking and moving around.

In addition there are two top opening lids, one as a handy compartment to store documents or accessories and one as a hand hole for you to reach in and stroke your pet.

Moreover, this pet carrier is made with high quality plastic in Italy, so you can assured of its quality.

Gulliver 3 is a practical and versatile carrier suitable for cats and small sized dogs. It has side slits to guarantee a correct inside aeration, a metal door that can be closed from the outside with clips, build in seat belts slots and an ergonomic handle. There are different colours available. It is safe for pets, easy to assemble, and clean and perfect to travel with your loyal friend on the most common means of transportation.


  • Measures 61 x 40 x H38 cm
  • Suitable for small dogs and larger cats between 10 to 12kg
  • Well-ventilated with access to light and air circulation
  • Top carrying handle and sturdy latches on the side
  • Side openings for car safety belts allow you to put carrier in the car with stability
  • High quality plastic, made in Italy

Size Guide

  • Product Dimensions: 61 x 40 x 38H cm


It is important to measure and get the carrier of the appropriate size for your dog. IATA requires a carrier spacious enough for your dog to stand without touching the roof of the carrier and be able to move or lie around.

  • For safer accuracy to measure length: total nose-to-tail length + ½ length of dog's leg.
  • For safer accuracy to measure width: total distance between dog's shoulder blades x2.
  • For safer accuracy to measure height: total height from claw to tip of ear or top of dog's head.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
S. (Singapore, SG)
Abit small

I don't think it's big enough for small dogs up to 10-12kg. My dog is 5.5kg, and its way too small for her. Having said that, the crate is hardy and very affordable! More suitable for a small dog below 4kg

meg (Singapore, SG)
Good quality

Wish it could be taller, overall good quality

lai (Singapore, SG)
Good quality

Took a while to assemble but the plastic is good and sturdy, even the plastic door👍. my puppy loves it.

Jovian Josiah Shawn Lim (Singapore, SG)
Big and spacious

Big and spacious enough for my cats. They go in willingly.

Nora Zayadi Philip (Singapore, SG)

Spacious enough for my cat. Love it. That I bought another 1. Waiting for the second carrier to be delivered.