Stefanplast Gulliver 6 IATA Pet Carrier
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Stefanplast Gulliver 6 IATA Pet Carrier


With the Stefanplast Gulliver 6 IATA Pet Carrier, your dog can travel safely and comfortably on the plane with you. It's the dog equivalent of a first class air ticket.

Stefanplast Gulliver is a range of pet carriers which allows animals to travel in comfort and safety. The Stefanplast Gulliver 6 IATA Pet Carrier gets the IATA (International Air Transport Association) approval for air travel.

Suitable for Old English Sheepdog, Bulldog, Airedale Terrier, Dalmatian, Labrador dog breeds. Stefanplast Wheels for Gulliver Pet Carriers are sold separately.

Practical carrier provided with anti-pressure relief stripes on the metal front grid, side fastening door with latch, and fastener kit for safety to allow a safe transport for your pet. Produced according to IATA regulation. The 4 wheels set completes the product. NOTE: Provide to buy your pet carrier in advance, in order to let your pet get gradually accustomed to the box.


  • IATA approved for air travel
  • Measures L92 x W64 x H66 cm
  • Ideal for dogs up to 38kg
  • Metal door with lockable snap closures
  • Top handle for pulling when wheels are mounted
  • Well ventilated with small openings around carrier
  • Two handy compartments on the top to store wheels and other accessories
  • Comes with a drinking bowl

Size Guide

Product Dimensions: L92 x W64 x H66 cm

Product Capacity: For dogs up to 38 kg.


    It is important to measure and get the carrier of the appropriate size for your dog. IATA requires a carrier spacious enough for your dog to stand without touching the roof of the carrier and be able to move or lie around.

    • For safer accuracy to measure length: total nose-to-tail length + ½ length of dog's leg.
    • For safer accuracy to measure width: total distance between dog's shoulder blades x2.
    • For safer accuracy to measure height: total height from claw to tip of ear or top of dog's head.