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The Foobler Blue/Orange

  • $4800
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The Foobler features a smart, self-loading puzzle feeder with 6 timer activated pods.
It allows you to manage feeding times, portion sizes and food supply, ensuring no overfeeding in a single meal. You can set individual pod releases for throughout the day feeding and specific daily feeding schedule on the Foobler. The Foobler can also keep your dog occupied when you are out of the house, encouraging him to exercise and move around for a treat. The Foobler is made of high density polyethylene for durability, and specially designed with removable hard-shelled battery and motor drive compartment for easy cleaning.
With the Foobler, meal time and play time will be so much different and more fun!

Product Colours
The Foobler Puzzle Feeder comes in two colours - Blue (blue/orange) and Green (green/red).

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