The Foobler Bluetooth Green/Blue Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder

The Foobler Bluetooth Green/Blue Self-Reloading Puzzle Feeder


Foobler® BluetoothTM is a new interactive way to help you feed and play with your pet. Compared to the traditional Foobler®, the Foobler® Bluetooth is not only a tool for connecting to your smartphone, it also integrates the training function, tracking function and the value of the regular Foobler®. With the Foobler®, you can train your pet and better understand your pet's playing habits at the same time. A fun way to tailor a particular feeding schedule for your dog is Foobler® Bluetooth.

Now, by linking your smart device via Bluetooth with Foobler, you can:

  1. Schedule Active Feedings for a full day’s play or just a few hours. 
  2. Choose three different modes for the feeding timer, set interval (1-99), random, or 6 unique times.
  3. To open one of six Food Pods on request and activate warning sounds, manually control the Foobler dispense feature.
  4. To better observe, appreciate their behaviors and gain knowledge about your four-legged friend, track your pet's behavior.

Combined with its smart toy play, Foobler Bluetooth helps you to build a feeding schedule for your dog that is uniquely customizable for the needs and actions of your pet.

Training Mode

You can train your dog in manual mode with Foobler® Bluetooth. You can teach your dog to understand the relationship between sound and food with Foobler® Bluetooth by triggering the sounds at any time to get your dog's attention and using the dispense button when you have their attention.

Play Tracker

Once the Bluetooth is attached, the Play Tracker will update. By day, week, month, or year, you can see in a graph how much your dog uses the Foobler® Bluetooth. You can learn more about the activity level of your dog, and you can find out the best times to communicate with Foobler® Bluetooth for your dog.

New Time Setting

The Foobler® Bluetooth has 4 different timer settings:

  • Manual mode is the best way to train your dog to use the Foobler® Bluetooth. Actively control the sounds and dispensing to teach your dog the right way to use the Foobler® Bluetooth. 
  • 1-99 minutes mode will dispense similar to the Original Foobler® by dispensing the 6 pods at a fixed interval from 1 minute to 99. 
  • Set 6 mode will allow you to specifically select the times that the Foobler® Bluetooth will activate. 
  • Random mode The Fooler Bluetooth will choose 6 random times for the pods to activate between the start and end times. 

Sound Alert Settings

For your dog, four different sounds can be set, including the sound of the bell, squeak sound, tiny bell sound and chirp sound. If your dog is very sound-sensitive, you can use the sound of a small bell.


  • Food Capacity: 2 Cups 
  • 4 Timer Settings: 15, 30, 60 and 90 Minute Intervals 
  • 6 Food Pods Inside


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