Trixie Reinforced Protective Net for Gates and Windows (2 Sizes)


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Safety in the household is really important for cats. Secure your windows and balconies with special protective grids so that your pets do not get caught/trapped. Your cat loves to be in the fresh air on the balcony? Here you also need to take safety measures so that your cat does not fall from the balcony. Use our protective nets with various attachment options such as tension poles, wall clamps or banister clamps.


  • hard-wearing and UV resistant
  • mesh width 3 × 3 cm
  • also suitable for small cats
  • with hooks, rawlplugs and fixing cord

Size Guide

  • Measurements: 3 × 2 m
  • Measurements: 6 × 3 m
  • Material: nylon/wire



Before starting with fixing the protective net make sure that drilling of holes in the side walls or balustrade of your balcony or terrace is allowed.

1. Please check now if the size of the protective net is sufficient for your purpose. For this the net should be stretched in advance (Illustration 1). The lateral strings are for a better orientation. First tighten the net in height and then in width. It has to be stretched until each mesh gets a squared shape. Please note that the net fixed at the balcony should slightly sad so that the cat cannot climb at it. After considering the previous details the protective net can be cut to size. In order to keep the knots of the net tight do not cut it under the distance of at least 1cm to the knots.

2. For fixing the hook screws drill the necessary numbers of holes into the side walls as well as in the balcony ledge (if the balustrade cannot be used for fixing the net). The holes should follow in short distances so that there will not occur any gaps for your cat. The net can also be fixed with the help of 3 poles which are installed at the side walls on the balcony's ledge. (Illustration 2)

3. For getting more stability the included fixing rope will be threaded at the outer sides of the net. (Illustration 3)

4. Now the protective net can be hanged on the hook screws and can be tightened and knotted by the help of the fixing rope.

Assembly without drilling:

If drilling holes are not allowed, the protective net can also be fixed by the help of 2 telescope poles (available at specialist dealers). Therefore the aluminum poles will be screwed on to the wall or balustrade by the help of a stable clamp.

Please do not let your cat be unsupervised with the protective net.


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