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Trixie Training Soft Clicker for Puppies


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The TRIXIE product range offers a lot of useful equipment for successful and optimal training that leads to results. Dog whistles, clickers, target sticks and training discs are all part of an effective training. They help to give the dog clear acoustic or visual signals. Special training harnesses are very effective training tools for dogs when used correctly.

How Animals Learn

Animals learn by trial and error and by immediate responses – praise/reward or unishment – following their actions. An animal will not understand educational measures which come even a few seconds later, even if only such a short time
span is between their action and their owner's reaction.

You should also bear in mind that – even if your dog ran away – playing with another dog represents a reward for him. Therefore it is vital to prevent misbehaviour, i.e. behaviour you do not desire. Instead, teach your pet alternative behaviour step by step. Example: If another dog appears, your dog has to look at you until you allow it to play – or sometimes you just walk on. Even a dog who was allowed to make his own decisions for years about when to run up to another dog and play, can alter this behaviour with suitable training. The essential factor in the training is to reward even the onset of correct behaviour at exactly the right moment, and for that you now have the Clicker.

The training of your pet is founded on the following principles:

  • Pets respond more to sounds and acoustic signals than to speech.
  • Pets learn more easily if the sounds and acoustic signals stay the same.
  • A reward for correct behaviour is a better training method for your pet than punishment for undesirable conduct.
  • An absence of praise is the severest form of punishment.


  • soft consistent clicker tone
  • spiral cable for attaching to wrist
  • quick fastener, for removing the clicker
  • plastic


How it works

Your pet understands a ‘click’ to mean ‘I like what you are doing right now’. The exercise is now finished and your pet gets a treat. At first, of course, your pet needs to learn what the “click” means for him. For this you need small treats (no bigger than the size of a pea), the Clicker and your pet.

For your first training session, choose a peaceful location, preferably indoors. At the beginning, only click from inside a pocket, or wrap a tea towel around your hand with the Clicker, so that your pet doesn’t get a shock from the first sound of the Clicker.

First exercise: Press the Clicker once, take a treat and give it to your pet. Repeat this procedure 15 to 20 times. Do not talk. If your dog barks or jumps up at you, ignore it. If your pet tries to steal the treats, prevent him from doing so. This exercise should be repeated the next day. By now your pet should have understood that for every ‘click’ there is food. The sound of the Clicker changes from meaningless noise to the promise of food.

This sequence is always applicable: ‘click’, reach for food, food to pet. Never press the Clicker to get your pet’s attention or to call him.

Now your dog needs to learn that he can produce the ‘click’ himself, by his behaviour. He will learn to pay attention to actions that please you.

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