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Twistix Mint Dental Chews (Large)

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*This item was featured in June's Perrobox

Twistix™ is another new and exciting product based on wheat free technology.
The "Green" freshens breath while the "White" removes plaque and tartar buildup during chewing.
The unique "Green & White" combination will keep your companions teeth healthy and sparkling between regularly scheduled veterinarian visits.

Key Attributes:
Wheat Free for companions with sensitivity to wheat.
Unique twisted shape improves plaque and tartar removal during chewing.
Improved solubility and enhanced digestibility.

Green: Freshens Breath
Peppermint, parsley and chlorophyll

White: Removes Plaque and Tartar
Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Guaranteed Analysis:
Min. Crude Protein 20.0%
Min. Crude Fat 0.5%
Max. Crude Fat 1.5%
Max. Crude Fiber 4.0%
Max. Moisture 15.0%

Rice powder, soy protein concentrate, glycerin, water, natural flavor, cellulose, garlic, sodium hexametaphosphate, citric acid, chlorophyll, peppermint and parsley.

Package Information:

Comes in Mini (0.7oz) | Small (5.5oz) | Large (5.5oz)

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