Yeowww! Lady Krinkle Bug Cat Toy

$8.40 $10.00

Yeowww! Lady Krinkle Bug cat toy is a cat's dream! This bright yellow butterfly has special crinkle wings and is filled to the brim with organic catnip and oozing scent everywhere. There is no filler, only stuffed to the seams with 100% organic catnip. Great toy for all ages especially appealing to older cats who like to lay around and bat at their toys.


  • Only natural vegetable or soy based colours 
  • Each toy contains 100% organic catnip that is grown without use of pesticides 
  • Perfect for cats to scratch, bite, and bat around 
  • Individually stuffed, hand sewn and 100% made in the USA 
  • Contains no fillers or plastic pieces 

Product Material

Made from durable cotton twill and coloured using only natural vegetable or soy based colors