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ZippyPaws Warriorz Nobu the Ninja Dog Toy

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Give your energetic dog the squeaking playtime fun he loves with the ZippyPaws Warriorz Nobu the Ninja Dog Toy. This plush toy may be cute, but it’s built extra-tough! It’s fortified from within with layers of dense fabrics, and thanks to its reinforced border webbing and tear-resistant stitching with exclusive Z-Stitch® Technology, it can hold up to some pretty serious chewing. With two large blaster squeakers inside and absolutely no stuffing, you can give your pal the loud, squeaking fun he loves, with none of the mess. Lightweight enough to be easily tossed for a quick game of fetch with your furry friend, it’s also ultra-cuddly for those more laid-back moments. It provides a stimulating, engaging, and chew-friendly activity for your dog to enjoy with you, or to keep him company while you’re away. Plus, pet parents everywhere will adore it as a special doggie gift.


  • Built to withstand tough chewing with dense fabrics that help prevent bites from going through the toy.
  • Extra-durable with strong border webbing and tear-resistant, exclusive Z-Stitch® Technology.
  • Contains two loud blaster squeakers inside for the high squeakability your dog loves.
  • Stuffing-free for durable, anytime play, without any of the mess or hassle.
  • Great for dogs of all sizes and comes in different characters to match your pup’s personality.

Product Dimensions:

11 x 9 x 2 inches