Absolute Holistic

Absolute Holistic: Super-premium quality.


Absolute Holistic pride themselves on defying traditions. Offering a wide range of treats and food ranging from oven-baked to air dried that's hard to resist. 


Absolute Holistic Air Dried is bursting with the natural, tasty goodness of New Zealand. We bet your finicky dog and cat can’t resist the heavenly taste!   

Made in New Zealand, Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Dog & Cat Food features 4 recipes - Chicken & Hoki, Blue Mackerel & Lamb, Beef & Venison and Lamb & Salmon.

It’s a paleo whole-prey inspired complete diet crafted for canines of all breeds and ages. Check out the Absolute Holistic Air-Dried food review here!

Apart from air-dried food, Absolute Holistic offers wet food for both dogs and cats, oven-baked dog treats, as well as grain free kibbles for dogs!


Absolute Holistic Grain Free Recipe is healthy, safe and just exactly what pet parents would want to feed their pets. Absolute Holistic uses the finest ingredients sourced from trusted farmers that are just as passionate about quality, and strictly no ingredients from China. Absolute Holistic also prides itself on having a small kibble size which aids in digestion and allows vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed easily.


Absolute Holistic Raw Stew wet food is inspired by the raw feeding committee to provide you a diet that consists of organs or offals. Each can is filled with wholesome fresh meat and organ meat (heart, liver, gizzard). It's the natural way of providing multi vitamins to your pets. 


Absolute Holistic Bisque is a delicious liquid puree treat that your cat and dog will slurp right away! The most interesting flavour of all being the lobster bisque. The firs ever dog puree treat, Absolute Holistic Bisque is made with wholesome fresh meat, this moisture rich recipe provide a fun and flavourful bonding experience when you feed by hand. Each sachet is bursting with dense flavour and a great way to keep your furry friend hydrated.


Discover a full range of Absolute Holistic products - your pets will enjoy to the fullest at perromart SG!


How much is Absolute Holistic food?

Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Chicken & Hoki Dog Food: $ 44.00
Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Blue Mackerel & Lamb Dog Food: $44.00
Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Beef & Venison Dog Food: $ 44.00
Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Lamb & Salmon Dog Food: $ 44.00 

Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Chicken & Hoki Cat Food: $29.90
Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Blue Mackerel & Lamb Cat Food: $29.90
Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Beef & Venison Cat Food: $29.90
Absolute Holistic Air-Dried Lamb & Salmon Cat Food: $29.90 

Absolute Holistic Oven Baked Treats start from $6.00 while Absolute Holistic Rawstew is going at $1.80/can. Absolute Holistic Bisque liquid puree treat sells at $4.90 /pack. Look out for bundle deals! 

Where is Absolute Holistic made?

Absolute Holistic Air Dried Food is made in New Zealand.

Absolute Holistic Grain Free Dry Food is made in the USA.

Absolute Holistic Raw Stew, Absolute Holistic Bisque and Absolute Holistic Oven Baked Treats are made in Thailand. 


Where to buy Absolute Holistic?

Absolute Holistic currently carries dry food, wet food and treats for dogs and cats. You can purchase the full range of Absolute Holistic product right here on perromart!