ACANA…Nutrition They Need, Taste They Crave.


The ACANA dog food brand is a brainchild of Champion foods. With the tagline “Nutrition They Need, Taste They Crave”, its parent company enjoys worldwide coverage in over 60 countries. These products are considered one of the best in the market. Champion Petfoods focus solely on biologically appropriate and fresh regional ingredients in their formulas. The company has several recognition and awards in their name due to its high quality. 


What is the selling point of ACANA?

Since its inception, the mission has always been creating new standards for dry pet food. In the same way, their formulas are not limited to dogs alone. Therefore, ACANA cat food and ACANA dog food have meat bases and a high percentage of proteins. Presently, about 20 dry dog food formulas are available, but they fall under the Dry Kibble, and Freeze-Dried Treats categories.


What ranges does ACANA have?

Some products are specific for all life stages, but others work for specific dietary needs; 


Classics Recipes:

  • Prairie Poultry
  • Wild Coast


Heritage Recipes:

  • ACANA puppy food (Puppy Large Breed, Puppy & Junior and Puppy Small Breed)
  • Adult Small Breed
  • Senior Dog
  • Light & Fit
  • Adult Dog


Regionals Recipes:

  • Wild Prairie
  • Pacifica
  • Grassland


Singles Recipes:

  • Grass-Fed Lamb Formula
  • Free-Run Duck Formula
  • Yorkshire Pork Formula
  • Pacific Pilchard Formula


Is ACANA good dog food?

Taking into account the manufacturing process, the ingredients used in producing ACANA foods are premium. They are also said to be ‘fit’ for human consumption while maintaining a 40% fruits ratio and zero grains. This makes it a high caliber of pet food with high nutritional content for pets. ACANA has about 40-65% protein content, and the concept behind the brand is to create food resembling what wild canines have. 


What is wrong with ACANA dog food?

As of April 2020, there are no reported recalls on the Brand. Champion Petfoods assure that they test their food every day to meet up with safety and quality standards. 


Are ACANA and Orijen the same company?

ACANA and Orijen are products of the same company; Champion petfoods. 


Is ACANA a Canadian company?

Champion petfoods was founded in Alberta, Canada. ACANA being a part of the company, makes it Canadian and one of the largest pet manufacturing companies in the World. 


Where can I buy ACANA dog and cat food?

According to the ACANA dog food review, the product is available on several online platforms. You can search for ‘ACANA dog food where to buy’ to find somewhere closest to you. However, buyers have access to ACANA Singapore through Perromart.


Where is ACANA dog and cat food made?

Acana foods are produced in the United States and Canada. 


What is the difference between ORIJEN and ACANA?

The bottom line is that Orijen has more protein content than ACANA. Even though Acana is very rich in proteins too, Orijen claims about 75-80% protein. Additionally, ACANA is traditionally more affordable. 


Is ACANA dog and cat food grain-free?

ACANA produces both grain-free and grain inclusive diets for Cats and Dogs.