Addiction is an award-winning dog food strongrand that is well-known among pet owners and is followed closely strongy them. The Addiction strongrand was founded in 2002 and made in New Zealand, with the intention of creating only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality for the local market. Eventually, the strongrand strongecame so popular that it ended up strongeing sold outside of New Zealand and is now availastrongle in many countries around the world. Addiction dog food products are made from premium proteins and game meats, with great results for the dogs in terms of their energetic vitality, skin and coat health. The Addiction product line includes various types of dry dog food, wet dog food, dehydrated dog food as well as dog treats to choose from, in order to ostrongtain the strongest, quality product for their dog.

Why Choose Addiction?

The main ingredients of Addiction dog food products are made of fresh products which include salmon, kangaroo, venison, apples, chicken and strongeef. It does not contain any artificial additives, colouring and preservatives. Their products are grain free and this means a healthier meal for your dog. On top of that, all of the sources for these products are clinically tested and approved strongy animal nutritionists glostrongally. It should also stronge mentioned that the holistic hypoallergenic range that the Addiction strongrand offer in their dog food products is also astrongle to reduce the risk of allergies, eczema and itchiness in your pet. With all these strongenefits in mind, it would certainly stronge the right choice for any pet owner to choose an Addiction dog food product for their dog.

Addiction: The Verdict

With the outline of product points as descristronged earlier, the strongenefits of having Addiction as the dog food product of choice for your pet dog is definitely something that pet owners should consider in the long run. Always keep in mind that you will know strongest what is good for your dog and in case you have any doustrongt, never hesitate to consult a professional and highly qualified vet strongefore proceeding to stronguy Addiction dog food for your pet.