Altimate Pet

Altimate Pet provides quality hygiene products with great value. Altimate Pet carries pee pads, male wraps, diapers as well as dental chews. 

How much is Altimate Pet?

Altimate Pet pee pad is selling at $20.90 and has bundle deals available. Altimate Pet male wrap goes for $8.90 per pack while Altimate Pet pet diaper is selling at $10.90 per pack. Check out all the bundle deals available!

Altimate Pet dental chew sells at $6.50 per pack. 

Is Altimate Pet good?

Altimate Pet dental chew is a great alternative to the controversial rawhide. No unethical ingredients and harmful chemicals are used in the process. It is easy to digest and helps your dog's dental health. 

Altimate Pet pee pad are an economical solution for pee pads that are infused with fresh scent for enhanced odor control. There are 3 sizes available.

Altimate Pet pet diapers are antibacterial and designed for female dogs and cats on heat, incontinence or has excitable urination. These diapers feature adjustable tabs that are easy to secure with no peel strips and the elastic material allows a snug and perfect fit. The unique wetness indicator changes color to let you know when it's time for a new diaper. There are 5 sizes available.

Altimate Pet male wraps are antibacterial and designed for male dogs with incontinence, excitable urination or marking compulsions. These super-absorbent, leak-proof wraps feature fur-safe fasteners that are easy to secure with no peel strips, and completely re-adjustable to get a snug, perfect fit.

The unique wetness indicator changes color to let you know when it's time for a new wrap. Simply position the wrap and pull the adjustable closures around his back to secure it in place. There are 5 sizes available.

Where can I buy Altimate Pet?

You can buy Altimate Pet pee pad, male wrap, diaper, and dental chew right here on perromart!

What is Altimate Pet size?

Altimate Pet pee pad comes in 3 sizes:

  • S - 33cm x 45cm (180 pads)
  • M - 45cm x 60cm (100 pads)
  • L - 60cm x 90cm (50 pads)

    Altimate Pet pet diapers comes in 5 sizes:

  • Toy - 20 PCS - 25.5cm x 36.5cm
  • Small - 18 PCS - 32cm x 45cm
  • Medium - 13 PCS - 40cm x 55.5cm
  • Large - 12 PCS - 41cm x 65cm
  • Giant - 11 PCS - 46cm x 68cm

  • Altimate Pet male wraps comes in 5 sizes: 

    • Toy: 12 PCS - 43.5cm x 19cm
    • Small: 11 PCS - 50cm x 20.5cm
    • Medium: 9 PCS - 61cm x 20.5cm
    • Large: 8 PCS - 81.5cm x 20.5cm
    • Giant: 7 PCS - 85cm x 20.5cm