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114 items found

$36.80 $31.50 (Save $5.30)
$36.80 $31.50 (Save $5.30)
$36.80 $31.50 (Save $5.30)

Ciao is the No. 1 premium cat food brand in Japan! Ciao Churu sets out to create cat food/treats that introduced proper hydration to our finicky eaters, and has since tickled the tummies of felines all over the world!

Ciao Churu was created by Inaba Pet food Corporation, which started in 1997 but already had nearly four decades of pet food production history under their belt, producing pet food to the US and Italy. Hence, they have a wealth of experience and insight into what makes good and healthy pet food. The Inaba Ciao brand is rooted in our family tradition of delivering the best ingredients and products to our customers. In 1805, Mr. Yoshizo Inaba started his business in Japan, harvesting fresh tuna from the sea, while providing high-quality food to families throughout Japan. Building on our seafood harvesting heritage, Inaba Foods branched into pet food in 1958 and in 1989, the Inaba CIAOTM brand was born. Today, Inaba CIAOTM is the most popular brand of premium canned cat dinners and treats in Japan.

Where is Ciao cat food & treats made?

All Ciao cat food and Ciao treats are made in Japan, in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facility. 

How much is CIAO Cat food?

Ciao cat food starts as low as $1.20/pack. There are a few series of Ciao cat food. 

1. Ciao Pouch - There are 2 ranges, creamy soup and clear soup. Prices start from $1.20, look out for bundle deals as well!

2. Ciao Cup - There are 3 types available. Grilled, Pudding and Jelly. Prices start from $1.55, check out the bundle deals!

3. Ciao can - These are premium grade tuna and chicken packed in cans. Prices start from $1.90, do check out the bundle deals available!

Here are the different series of Ciao treats:

1. Ciao Churubee - bite-sized chewy snack filled with the famous creamy churu filling. Starts from $4.90/pack.

2. Ciao Churutto - chewy tuna stick filled with the ever so yummy creamy churu. Starts from $4.90/pack.

3. Ciao Churu - signature creamy puree cat treat that all cats love! Starts from $4.50/pack.

4. Ciao Stick - creamy cat stick in jelly

5. Ciao Softbits - small bite soft snack that are perfect for training. Starts from $3.20/pack.

6. Ciao Churu Apetito - creamy puree cat treat that are richer with flavour and nutrition. Starts from $4.90/pack.

7. Ciao Fillet - hand-cut, lightly grilled fish and packed in seafood or poultry broth. Starts from $2/pack!

Where to buy CIAO cat food and treats?

You can buy Ciao cat food and treats right here at perromart!

Is CIAO a good cat food?

All Ciao products are made in Japan using the finest quality ingredients. Receiving over 200 5-star reviews, what are you waiting for? Get your cat some Ciao and make the judgment for yourselves!

Which CIAO cat food is best?

The most popular Ciao cat food is the Ciao churu treat. This is a puree cat treat that cats of all sizes and breeds simpy love! Cats will go crazy over this delicious grain-free treat!