Feline Natural

Feline Natural - 'Naturally Better."


The Story of Feline Natural:

In 2006, a police dog handler and instructor started the company Feline due to inspiration from trying raw food diets on his dogs. Geoff Bowlers started his company of all-Natural food as a result of this development. As of 2011, the company was named the fastest-growing manufacturer, so the founder launched his cat foods brand.

According to Feline Natural cat food review, the feed emphasizes nutritional value for cats. People also report that the Feline Natural canned cat food is rich in the right ingredients and quality. As a result of its reputation, New Zealand's prestige for its supply of quality ingredients is further established with Feline.


Feline Natural ingredients:

Their ingredients are sourced from New Zealand, from Natural sources, high safety standards, and GMO-free. The brand supplies feline food in diverse line ups like grain-free and grain-inclusive. However, the broad range of classification is; wet and dry. The Feline Natural kitten food has several flavors, including the Feline Natural chicken and venison recipes. With the array of ingredients present in the recipe, the fat levels are considered moderate, and close to no carbohydrate content is present.

Generally, Feline Natural kitten food covers the whole nutritional requirement of your cat. The formulations follow strict procedures and are centered on Natural.


What ranges does Feline Natural have?

Wet Range

All of Feline's Natural recipes are made from meat meals and all the essential products. Unlike other wet brands, their Feline Natural canned cat food is void of thickeners. That extensively reflects premium superiority. The protein sources of these ranges include chicken, lamb, salmon, venison, etc. Although canned, Feline food has no artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives.

Dry Feline Food  

Feline Natural dry cat food is made through vacuum infusion so that fats and oils are retained in each bite. The kibble size is adequately sized to fit into the requirement of every pet. Vacuum infusion protects the fats and oils content of each bite. Also, the diversity of ingredients follows the AAFCO guide.

Feline Natural chicken and venison are just one of the several canned varieties of the Feline brand. It is essentially made up of 99% chicken and venison goodness made from kidney, liver, heart, and others. 


Based on Feline Natural cat food review, many cat parents recommend the recipe, and agree that it is worth the higher price tag.


Feline Natural vs. Ziwipeak

When a Feline Natural vs. Ziwipeak comparison was made, the prices are almost equivalent.


Feline natural where to buy:

Currently, the product is manufactured in New Zealand, but about 20 countries are major exporters including Australia, Canada, and United States. So, it's sold by both retailers and wholesalers. Therefore, you'd possibly find it at a local store and online too.


Feline Natural cat food recall:

So far, there is no Feline Natural cat food recall history, as they strive to always maintain high quality of food.