Apart from the Purina dog food brand, IAMS may very well be one of the longest standing producers of dog food. They began production in the 1950s with the product name IAMS 999. The product was protein-based, meeting all the required standards for dog nutrition.

With the right invention and innovation, the brand continued to grow. This time, the attention was focused on intestinal health and the digestion of dogs. Right to say, this brand is one of the few revolutionaries of the dog food industry. 1980 saw the introduction of puppy formula by the brand, thus initiating food availability for different life stages of a dog. At about this time, there was an introduction to cat food.

Regarding nutrition, the brand stuck to showing dog parents the importance of fatty acids as a propagator of a healthy skin coat. As a result, they began to incorporate these in their recipe, and other brands took the cue. Come 2000s, the brand added something new to its existing formula- ingredients for brain development. Since its inception, the company continues to provide amazing products for the development of your pet.

Although the brand advertises an all-natural product, some of their offerings contain grain elements. Apart from this, they remain true to quality and healthy nutrition. The leading ingredients in this diet are usually meat or any other animal protein like chicken, lamb, beef, followed by other elements that provide energy and help your animal’s health.


How to select IAMS?

  • For your cat: the nutrition is tailored according to (age and activity, individual dietary needs)
  • For your dog: the nutrition is tailored according to (age and size, unique dietary needs, specific breed)


Is IAMS good dog food?

IAMS maintains an above-average position on several dog food reviews websites, receiving about four stars out of five. Even though ratings do not necessarily reflect the quality of a diet, other people’s experience proves helpful when you need to buy a pack for your dog.

That is to say that the ratings help you tailor your choice. So, is IAMS a good food? Yes. It’s even the better option for buyers on a budget.


 Is Iams or Purina better?

Deciding on which brand is better for your dog depends entirely on you because what works for another dog may not work for you. Purina has more elements than IAMS, but both provide distinctly different offerings. Also, Purina is completely grain-less, but IAMS is not. When considering the pricing, both fall under the less-pricey options. On the plus side, both have no artificial preservatives. Pet owners who do not shy away from grain feed may favor several IAMS varieties more. Again, both focus on quality, but the difference is in the experience. If ever in doubt, please consult your veterinarian to get medical advice!


 Where is IAMS dog food made?

IAMS was released under the name Eukanuba and production is done in a privately owned space in the United States.