Primal is a dog food brand that has been on the market since 2001. The main ingredients in the formulas are; muscle meat, organic meat, organic fruits and vegetables, ground bone and important fatty acids with the addition of natural high-quality minerals and vitamins which make it a complete, balanced and perfect diet for your dog especially puppies in their early ages. Primal pet food also includes bones which are divided into meaty ones and the recreational ones. The last but not the least are the primal treats which are very famous these days. These contain organic snaps, chicken chips, freeze-dried munchies, jerky nibs, and shredders.

Why Choose Primal?

Considering the wide range of products along with occasional foods, Primal dog food products is a one-stop option for you but it is very necessary to have a look at what benefits are there for you in this amazing brand. First of all, these organic products produced by the Primal pet food company fulfil the standards of the government certified organic foods. All the meats and organs that they use in their formulas are good sources of proteins for animals which are really impressive. Fresh ingredients with such good high-valued vitamins and essential fatty acids in known and guaranteed percentages are no less than an ideal privilege for your pets. Above all, they have got you covered for any stage of your dog’s life as switching between the brands is a hectic thing to do but if you want, you can keep switching between the products of only this brand and still have options left.

Primal: The Verdict

Always keep in mind that you know best what is good for your dog and in case you have any doubt, never hesitate to consult a professional and highly-qualified vet before proceeding to purchase food for your pet, as giving a complete, safe and healthy Primal dog food diet to your pooch is a critical matter for you and your dog itself.