Royal Canin



What is Royal Canin?

Royal Canin brand mixes food for dogs and cats. The diet comes with natural antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, prebiotics, and minerals that satisfy your pet’s nutritional needs. The brand is quite popular amongst pet owners because of the diversity in their diets.


What about Royal Canin’s history?

Since 1968, when a French veterinarian founded the company, the brand has grown into multiple locations worldwide. Dr. Cathary employed a thorough procedure and careful pick of ingredients. Although the information about the source of their ingredients is still not popular, the company states that they try to use raw materials close to their manufacturing locations.


What ranges does Royal Canin have?

Considering that it is a manufacturer of multiple products, some of the varieties include:

Royal Canin Dog Food

  • Pure breed dogs
  • Dogs by size
  • Puppies
  • Aging and senior dogs
  • Skin and food sensitivities
  • Urinary, kidney, and digestive health


These categories are similar for cats, but ‘cats with specific care needs’, ‘healthy cats of different ages and lifestyles’, and ‘weight management’ are inclusive. Also, they are optimized for the giant breed, large breed, medium, small, and extra small breeds.


Pet foods by Royal Canin vary according to food type, breed, size, and age. Therefore, you cannot buy two kinds of food at the same rate. Presently, Royal Canin diets are available in dry and wet bags, pouches, and cans. There is a palatability guarantee on every purchase from retail partners. It helps you get back 100% of your money if your pet doesn’t eat the food.


Royal Canin takes the nutritional content of their diets into account. For instance, the veterinary diets line is targeted at dogs and cats with health challenges.




Is Royal Canin food good for dogs?

According to the design and ingredients of the food, it is a great choice for pet owners seeking to address specific health challenges. Also, it is good for breed-specific pets.


How much Royal Canin should I feed my dog?

The amount of food you’d feed your dog depends on their age and size. Puppies generally eat less food because they tend to grow into eating more. Therefore, their weight might determine the size of their meals. Also, it is recommended to divide the required amount into two or three meals throughout the day however, it is advisable to follow a veterinarian’s recommendation or follow the feeding chart provided by the brand.


Is Royal Canin made in Australia?

No, the product is not primarily produced in Australia. However, the brand does have an Australian company. In addition, Royal Canin pet foods made from other locations can be imported to Australia under strict biosecurity conditions.


Where is Royal Canin made?

Royal Canin has its major production plants in France and Austria. However, there are about 12 production facilities worldwide, including Ontario, Canada, North Sioux City, and South Dakota. The United States plant produces only dry pet feeds.