Ziwipeak: Unlocking The Tasty Ancestral Diet

A healthy pet is a happy pet! Ziwipeak believes all pets deserve a natural and varied diet to maintain happiness and optimal health.

Ziwipeak provides a range of air-dried food, moist food, treats and oral health care for dogs. For cats, it offers a wide range of air-dried and moist food, all carefully formulated to reflect their whole-prey philosophy.

Where to buy Ziwipeak cat food?

You can buy Ziwipeak dog foods and Ziwipeak cat foods at PerroMart Singapore.

Here are the best-selling Ziwipeak products that you can find on PerroMart website:
1.Ziwipeak Mackerel & Lamb Air Dried Dog Food
2.Ziwipeak Air Dried Beef Dog Food
3.Ziwipeak Air Dried Lamb Dog Food
4.Ziwipeak Air Dried Venison Dog Food
5.Ziwipeak Tripe & Lamb Air Dried Dog Food
6.Ziwipeak Beef Canned Dog Food
7.Ziwipeak Mackerel & Lamb Air Dried Cat Food
8.Ziwipeak Venison Canned Cat Food

How much Ziwipeak to feed?

It depends on your pet’s age, activity level, lifestyle and other factors. Please look for the feeding guidelines on your pet’s Ziwipeak package.  

What are Ziwipeak dry dog food ingredients?

Made with 100% New-Zealand-Sourced natural ingredients, Ziwipeak air-dried dog food are complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages, including puppies! Each Ziwipeak air-dried dog food recipe features 98% meat, organs and bone, New Zealand Green Mussel and species-specific tripe.

What are Ziwipeak dry cat food ingredients?

Packing more power than kibble and raw food, each Ziwipeak air-dried cat food recipe is high in protein and kilocalories. It’s formulated with 98% meat, organs and bone – we bet your cat will beg for more!