Vitakraft - Feed with love

What is Vitkraft?

Vitkraft is a famous brand that offers very delicious and healthy food for your pets. For over 180 years, their philosophy has been closely related to the love for pets. They use the most wholesome and healthy recipes that are extremely tasty as well. Additionally, Vitakraft Malaysia has prioritized a proper diet for pets such that they can stay healthy for long. With Vitakraft products, you ensure that your little buddy always eats well. Furthermore, the history of Vitakraft cat and dog treats makes it a very trustworthy brand.


What about Vitkraft’s history?

Vitakraft Pet Care was first founded in Germany back in the 1900s. It was initially a small pet food store in a small village in Germany. Although it was not that well known at that time, it made its way up the chain quite rapidly. Now an international brand, it offers a large variety of pet food products in each and every continent of the world.


What ranges does Vitkraft have?

Vitakraft products offer a vast variety of main food and treats for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and birds as well. With over 2500 different pet treats, they marginally lead the global market and have done so for a few years now. Their experts work endlessly in finding every preference as well as taste. In fact, the overall taste is so good that your pet will definitely never stop craving these treats. Moreover, they not only offer pet treats but also provide pet care and hygiene products for day-to-day application. Vitkraft offers Vitakraft dog treats, Vitakraft cat stick, Vitakraft cat food, and Vitakraft cat treats. Looking to instantly uplift the life of your pets and their mood? Vitakraft Products are indeed the best choice that you can make.

Nutrient Analysis

The research team works efficiently in finding good dietary advances for all kinds of pets. If you have a dog, cat, guinea pig, bird, hedgehog, or any fish, Vitakraft offers some quality food for them. Additionally, the dietary plan and nutritional value are all carefully gauged before adding a single ingredient. Hence, the food your pet consumes is not only safe but also extremely healthy. Another added benefit that we have mentioned numerous times is the taste and quality this brand brings to your little buddy. Moreover, the treats within the collection of products are based on scientific studies into animal eating patterns in the wild. Thus, your pet does not have to adapt to consuming something different.


With so many exemplary benefits, it is obvious why Vitakraft Malaysia is a leading pet care brand in the world. Furthermore, the vast balance of nutrients it provides to your pet makes it extremely trustworthy. They do not add any preservatives or any kind of food color into their products. Hence, it is 100% safe to consume for your pet. The incredible amount of innovation, research, and teamwork they execute to produce these pet treats is amazing. In fact, Vitakraft is the only brand in the world that continues to transform the global pet care market. Their food products, hygiene variants as well as pet care products are a must-buy for everyone in the world with a pet.